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real-world stablecoins

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consumer goods don’t have time optionality

most consumer goods are fulfilled soon after purchase

sellers are relegated to using the past to predict demand

rather than using pre-orders to know future demand

the entire supply chain is unable to properly hedge

financial instruments are needed in niche markets and for consumer goods

Viskous facilitates token creation

buyers can request tokenization, and sellers or sponsors can choose to back the token

tokenization of any good or service gives sellers more options

tokens can be minted proactively and used as purchase incentives

Viskous facilitates token redemption

tokens are intended for real-world fulfillment, and buyers can trade tokens if they decide not to redeem

Viskous is tokenizing all of commerce

tokens are compatible with other onchain protocols, provide additional consumer choice, and help predict market demand for sellers

tokenize global commerce with us

use the app for compatible goods and services or contact us to customize additional markets and features